Sho-Tai Health Trek: True, Tried, and Trusted Supplements

As the supplements market began to boom, in-depth reporting has uncovered that the sourcing of many of the ingredients in these products come from suspect sources, providing limited health benefits to consumers. Limited regulation in this area means major supplement manufacturers are able to continue to market their products in a way that can mislead consumers. But not all supplement manufacturers are like this. In fact, we have found one company that goes to great length to ensure that their supplements are sourced properly and provide the highest quality ingredients.

Sho-Tai Health Trek is a Canadian based company that distributes the Health Trek, Herbal Instinct, and Herb Dock lines of supplements. Founder Terry Bell, with 40 years of experience in the supplement business, is also the creator of Sho-Tai, a non-invasive form of assessing overall health. Combining his knowledge of Sho-Tai with his passion for supplements, Terry Bell was able to create supplement formulas designed to work hand-in-hand with Sho-Tai testings, providing better absorption and utilization in the human body.

As someone who has spent years testing a variety of different supplements to treat and improve my own health conditions, there were very few distributors that provided the quality Sho-Tai Health Trek provided. And for this reason, we are proud to announce that we are now carrying their products in our online store and also recommend them to anyone looking for supplements that live up to the claims made on the label.