Exclusive for Luke 4:18 Family! 90 day program to Improve Your Gut Health, Increase Energy Levels, Achieve Mental Clarity and Better Sleep (in just weeks!) by Activating the Intelligence of Your Body with Quantum Formula

Our bodies are guided by divine intelligence. Once properly aligned, they are able to restore, optimize, & upgrade.

Hi, my name is Ron Michael and I’m from Austin, TX.

In 1993, I faced a near-death experience by a head-on collision with a Mac truck at 70 miles an hour.

This incident resulted in Coma, 18 herniated disks, 24 broken bones, shattered hip, shattered jaw...

It was so severe, doctors said it was better if I didn't wake up.

I've had 70+ surgeries, 5 failed hip replacements, 6+ years in a wheelchair, and on a dozen prescriptions for over 20 years...

I was also diagnosed with Stage 4 Liver damage and was given 6 months to live...

For three months, doctors have put me in narcotics which took me down and away from actual recovery.

In my desire to be healed, I discovered Dr. Joe Dispenza and went down the rabbit hole of holistic health...

It allowed me to see and acknowledge the complete intelligence of the body, which traditional medicine and some alternative medicine tend to miss.

In less than 5 years, I've gone from a total wreck to being completely healed and now at the top of my physical health!

I've dedicated myself to holistic health and helped others hack their bodies with a simple yet complete system that speaks directly to the body's intelligence and utilizes it to fast recovery & optimization.

The problem is this: I'm seeing multiple people like yourself with low energy and stubborn gut health issues who are on other systems and getting poor results

If you're on a protocol and still experience the same symptoms 3 months later, it means you're not truly getting to the root cause of your dis-comfort.

My complete yet simple system speaks directly to the body by reading the human bio field.

Assessing the body in real time allows me to uncover any and all root symptoms.

After your assessment, I can determine specific requirements for re-aligning core imbalances.

Balance can be restored by attuning the frequencies of our proprietary botanicals to your personalized needs.

You will receive a 30-day supply of these Vibrationally Harmonized Botanicals™️.

See for yourself how most stubborn issues such as gut health, brain fog, inflammation, skin issues, bloating, fatigue, are more are  fast and easy to resolve. 

The Quantum Formulas System: Your Personalized Transformative Journey with Community Support. 


What's included in the package?

1) Body Scan & Frequency Labs Analysis - A 90 minute zoom call with Ron Michael to perform your analysis, test your foods and supplements, with an explanation of your testing results.

2) 12 Week Personalized Protocol - receive our proprietary Quantum Formulas Protocol that details in a simple way, how to easily take our foundational proprietary blend of formulas and botanicals 

3) A Personalized Road Map to Optimal Health & Transformation - includes guidance on the highest frequency inputs of food, water, & supplements for your body.

4) Weekly Email Guidance to help you know what to expect and navigate each week of the system. 

5) Nutritional & Dietary Guidance - each body has unique nutritional requirements to reach its highest potential.

6) Weekly Progress Tracking - once you find alignment it’s easy to forget how far you have come. Our weekly tracking forms are designed to help you monitor your progress every step of the way.

7) Access to frequency attuned botanical formulas that activate your body's intelligence to help it do what God intended for you to do.

8) Telegram Community to connect with other health-minded individuals and to answer any questions you may have.

Exclusive just for Luke 4:18 family:


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