Human Optimization Blueprint


We invite you to activate your body's innate ability to self regulate and heal itself.

Our frequency analysis technique reads your bioenergetic information field and uses iridology (analysis of the eye) to determine exactly what it is that your body requires to create the most direct path to health, allowing us to deliver you precisely what your body is asking for to feel amazing again.

Beyond Supplementation

Many of today's supplements are manufactured in ways that are not adequately utilized by the body, So before one can even improve their nutrition, they must first determine first where they may be deficient, which is where our Health Optimization Testing is key.

Assessing Your Body's Core Needs

Low energy, lack of concentration, fatigue, body and digestive discomfort can all be symptoms of the modern-day environmental stresses we are all experiencing. Our Health Optimization Program is a non-invasive process, done remotely over Zoom. Using iridology and a sophisticated analysis of your bioenergetic information field, with just a simple picture of your eye, we are able to find the most prominent issues in your body that require attention first and discover the underlying root cause. Then we determine how to best address it, and create your own personalized and Comprehensive Health Optimization Blueprint.

Learn more about the Human Optimization process.


Explore and understand energetic principles and techniques for moving energy thru the body for maximum performance in all areas of life.

Access to our 1 hour Weekly Human Optimization Community zoom calls for nutritional alignment to access next level health information found nowhere else with discussion, open Q&A and health tips.

Reading and analysis of your bioenergetic information field to determine what your body is indicating are the sources of imbalances. 

Customized personal Human Optimization Blueprint for next level results to achieve your health transformation and performance goals. 

Access to unique vibrationally aligned herbal combination Frequency Formulas™ to bring all imbalances back into full alignment.  

Benefits Include:

  • Know the root cause of imbalances in your body and what you need to do to support and bring your body back into alignment
  • Knowing organ and gland capacities
  • Knowing exactly what foods aren't working for you
  • Herbal formulas and supplements suggested specifically for you and your situation
  • Improve your dietary intake by knowing exactly what isn't working for your body at this time
  • Frequency testing of all your current supplements to determine their effectiveness for your situation
  • Frequency Testing your water sources and intake for quality and suitably for you.
  • Achieve optimal health and vitality

Complimentary 20 Minute Discovery Call

The intention of this 20-minute Discovery Call is to determine if this program is a good fit for you. Please fill out this required preliminary information to max the impact of our time together.