Light Body Merkaba Activation Workshop

Every 13,000 years on Earth a sacred event takes place that changes everything. The Earth's Kundalini has shifted and found a new home. This catalyzes a shift in each of us living here individually.  Within every single living person and thing on earth is a very specific place within our hearts. When your heart is connected to Mother Earth and Father sky (connected to all life everywhere) it creates within you a very specific vibration that unlocks the door to a place within your heart that the indigenous tribes across the world call "the tiny space" within your heart. All life everywhere shares this tiny space together. Accessing this space is vital to the Ascension process. Accessing this space within you during this transition will allow you to follow Mother Earth as she guides Humanity through this transition.

Now more than ever, it is important we make the necessary shifts to join/assist Mother Earth in this ascension process. Ascension is simply moving from the brain to the heart. Now is the time to remember our ancient wisdom so we can be the greatest service to humanity at this time.


  • Connecting to your Higher Self
  • Active your ability to communicate with your clients higher self to heal with cosmic integrity
  • Heal emotional pain and trauma that can affect your ability to move into your heart
  • Learn to take your consciousness from the polarity of the brain into the unity of the heart
  • Understanding of how the Creation Process Works
  • Unity Breath Meditation
  • Gain a clear understanding of how to heal and create from the Tiny Space of the Heart, the place of Oneness, rather than from the duality of the mind
  • Mayan Beams of Light Activation
  • Opening the Third Eye and The Human Halo
  • Pineal Gland Cleanser System
  • Permanently Activate the Merkaba Human Light Body (from the Tiny Space of the Heart)
  • Programming the Merkaba
  • Creating an external Merkaba and Learn how to program it to protect your home and property
  • 18th breath explanation and the 90° turn and multi-dimensional shift
  • Understanding Birkeland currents and Human Cutrents


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In Love and Service,
Ron Michael

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