Human Optimization Process

Frequency Analysis

This unique testing technique determines exactly what your body's needs are. This allows us to identify the underlying issues and the precise herbal combination formulas your body requires to give you maximum results.

  • We will test your body's indications as to what foods to avoid to achieve maximum results as quickly as possible.
  • All environmental stresses that are negatively affecting you will also be identified through the testing.
  • We will test any supplements you may be taking for compatibility and suitability for your current situation at this time.
  • We will also test the suitability of your drinking water and suggest options whenever necessary to determine the most optimal water available for you.

These formulas are like none other available in the world, as they are combined and portioned using harmonic resonance, frequency tuning, and ionic balancing. These are not just random herbs. They are carefully selected and combined with each other to create the most optimal synergy for achieving your goals in the shortest period of time and in the most cost-effective means.

In Harmony with Nature - 3 Stage System Of Optimization & How It Works

This system works with nature in 3-month cycles. The health protocol created from the Testing is designed to work in three stages based on three-month cycles, just like the seasons of the year.

The three-step process is: Cleanse, Repair, Upgrade and Optimize.

  1. Cleanse/Repair: Remove toxins affecting organs and digestive systems so nutrition is optimally absorbed and utilized.
  2. Repair/Upgrade: Provides the body support in restoring vital functions previously affected by the toxins.
  3. Upgrade/Optimize: Bring the body to a higher level of functionality through proper nutrition. Long term adherence to proper nutrition is necessary to maintain and continually upgrade your optimal health.

The system identifies the three major areas for which your body's requesting support.

  1. Gut Health Upgrade
  2. Organ and Gland Support
  3. Mineral Balance

Targeting these three things will activate the body's innate intelligence to heal itself in the most optimal and efficient way possible.

After each 90 day period, we'll reevaluate to determine your progress and update your new health blueprint. After each cycle, the body is ready to progress to the next stage and requires different nutrients and support, which we will determine and provide for you.


Our system is completely tailored to you and evolves with your ever-changing needs. This unique testing process eliminates the guessing game by reading your body's own bioenergetic field to determine root causes and exactly what it is asking for to support it to bring you optimal health and vitality.

All services can be provided via video conferencing.

Complimentary 30 Minute Discovery Call

The intention of this 30-minute Discovery Call is to determine if this program is a good fit for you. Please fill out this required preliminary information to max the impact of our time together.