Personalized 1 on 1 Human Optimization

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Explore and understand energetic principles and techniques for moving energy thru the body for maximum performance in all areas of life.

Access to our 1 hour Weekly Human Optimization Community zoom calls for nutritional alignment to access next level health information found nowhere else with discussion, open Q&A and health tips.

Reading and analysis of your bioenergetic information field to determine what your body is indicating are the sources of imbalances. 

Customized personal Human Optimization Blueprint for next level results to achieve your health transformation and performance goals. 

Access to unique vibrationally aligned herbal combination frequency formulas to bring the imbalances back into full alignment.  

3 months of Highly impactful on on one transformational coaching sharing all I know about how to heal using the secrets of energetic activation and balancing that I used to heal from what drs said it was impossible. 

6 one on one individualized sessions giving you actionable techniques and steps to resolve issues and take your life to levels never before thought possible. 

3 Months of Customized herbal combination formulas provided for optimal body alignment.

Guidance and coaching on activating the Living Lightbody Merkaba

3 months text/email support.

Benefits Include:

  • Know the root cause of imbalances in your body and what you need to do to support and bring your body back into alignment
  • Knowing organ and gland capacities
  • Knowing exactly what foods aren't working for you
  • Herbal formulas and supplements suggested specifically for you and your situation
  • Improve your dietary intake by knowing exactly what isn't working for your body at this time
  • Frequency testing of all your current supplements to determine their effectiveness for your situation
  • Frequency Testing your water sources and intake for quality and suitably for you.
  • Achieve optimal health and vitality
  • Transform your life quickly into thru unique energetic techniques
  • Transcend traditional methods
  • Achieve elevated states in your physical, mental, emotional, and multidimensional bodies.