Specialized Nutrition Testing

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The testing utilizes technologically advanced techniques to process images of the human eye. This process is used to identify and analyze variations and indicators of the eye to better understand what may be occurring internally. This allows us to gain clear insights into what is actually occurring within the human body without you having to give us any additional information.

Our Specialized Nutrition Testing will help reveal:

  • The most important imbalances to address what herbal formulas will provide the greatest change in the shortest amount of time and most cost-effective means.
  • The nutrient(s) or supplement(s) that may support your body in cleansing, repairing, restoring and upgrading your state of health. 
  • A nutritional supplement protocol that may assist and support you in reaching and maximizing your fullest health potential including suggestions for natural remedies, vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements, and a review of food choices. 
The fact is that many supplements may be good for many people, however the combination and timing is especially important.  What stands us apart from other modalities, is that this testing identifies what may help you and your particular situation at a specific time. Knowing what supplements and dietary changes your body may need is crucial for creating the most efficient and effective plan to save you both time and money.