"After three sessions with Ron, my world literally transformed. He was able to pinpoint key blockages and within a week of the second session, I had an investor for my furniture line. This man is the real deal. As an amateur astrologer I offered to do his chart and from it I can declare he was put on this earth to heal."
-Robert A.


"I felt like we were connected and the spontaneity of my answers with his reaction so lightening fast made me feel like we were sleuths solving a mystery. The age and memories I chose surprised me because I didn't think at first they were core issues but as I write this I realize regardless everything is connected to core issues. [Afterwards, my] breathing became deeper and a feeling of strength in my heart chakra. Ron was both personable and professional and created a trusting environment."

-Dane M.


"Ron was able to identify the trapped emotions of terror and panic in the third trimester of my mom's pregnancy. I was shocked because I had a traumatic birth that Ron wasn't even aware of before the session. My whole life I've had an underlying sense of fear that has held me back from success and from taking advantage of opportunities. Since Ron released these trapped emotions, I now feel a sense of relief and a renewed sense of empowerment. I am no longer being limited by these past emotions!"

-Keegan B.